Negative Effects of Fashion on People

According to some women who are fond of today’s widespread fashion, fashion is to “pave the way to happiness”, actually, also men are integral parts of extracting new fashion. So, existence of world-wide fashion distinctively provides throughout the world and it shapes our decisions, likes, or even tastes and the concept of what is beautiful and what is futile although pleasures should be approached relatively. However, while a large proportion of benefits that stem from a great deal of marketing of attractive and colorful commodities appeals to 21st clothing industries, millions of people who bow to the current fashion pleasure can be sublety and adversely influenced by various determinant factors.

To begin with, addiction towards fashion can bring out unpleasant social rejection resulting from fashionable discrimination which derives from both personal choices and strongly economic factors. People who are afflicted with low-economic-statues can easily be a part of this interesting discrimination and also so-called social exclusion while people who are called trend-setters afford novice, attractive, qualified, fashionable, and mostly expensive clothes. On this subject, needs for clothing is exceeding, rather than fulfilling, its aims and dramatically lead to mutually exclusive social-gaps that depends on appereances of people. Moreover, in terms of psychological aspect, people who are slaves of repeated nature of fashion can easily be lured by the attractiveness of colorful and effective clothes that leads to competing for today’s fashion in order to being confirmed by the society. As a result, following recent trends suprisingly gives rise to social discrimination and even a tendency to conformity.

Secondly, people who are keen on exaggerated fashion can be at the risk of creating a negative self-image. In order to look fit and attractive, people especially young girls have a disposition to becoming slim and when they show off, they can easily develop eating disorders that originate from the desire of being admired and accepted. In other words, people in particular teenagers, who get carried away with recent trends, can suffer from anorexia and bulimia so desire for being appreciated by others cannot go further than a dream.

When we recapitulate the main facets, it may be concluded that appearing in novel fashion styles and novel approaches towards fashion actually affect people’s behaviour, psychological well-being and adversely their budgets. Presumably, 21st clothing industry addiction can force people to put the pleasure of novice and attractive fashion.

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nice one! I think it involves very complex words that nobody uses in basic english. but it is excellent.

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